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EC3 Steel Member Calculator v2 for iPhone

EC3 Calculator provides a database of hot-rolled I-section profiles and calculates the resistance of hot-rolled steel columns, beams and beam-columns (subject to major axis bending) according to EC3-1-1



LCA Calculator

The aim of the Steel LCA application is to perform simplified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of hot-rolled I-section and tubular-section profiles. In addition, it provides a database of hot-rolled I-section profiles and cold-formed and hot-finished tubular profiles

LCA is perfomed according to ISO standards 14040:2006 and 14044:2006. Moreover, the analysis is performed taking into account the modular concept of European standard EN15804:2012. According to this set of standards, the evaluation comprehends four main steps.The application provides two additional optional steps: normalization and weighting. These two steps are considered to be optional in ISO standards, although they have a relevant role in a decision making process. Thus, the complete flowchart for the environmental life cycle analysis is represented in the scheme below.

The application enables three different scopes for the LCA:
Option (i): a cradle-to-gate analysis (Module A according to EN15804:2012);
Option (ii): a cradle-to-gate analysis plus end-of-life recycling (Modules A and D according to EN15804:2012); and
Option (iii): a cradle-to-grave analysis plus end-of-life recycling (Modules A to D according to EN15804:2012).

5 main steps are needed to obtain LCA results in the application:

  1. Choose the cross-section;
  2. Input the values of the required parameters according to the analyzed case (length of member, steel grade);
  3. Input the lifespan of the analysis (the period of time considered for the analysis, in years);
  4. Select the scope of the analysis. Different options are available according to the scope of the analysis:

  • In option (i): the user can select a coating system for the profile from a list of available products;
  • In option (ii): in addition the user can select a recycling rate and a reuse rate for steel and the corresponding transportation system;
  • And in option (iii): in addition, the user may select a transportation system for steel (from the gate of the factory to the construction site) and a maintenance strategy for the profile taking into account the lifespan of the analysis.
  • The results of the LCA are obtained in the results section. A detailed calculation report is automatically generated that can be sent by e-mail.

Finally, in the configuration options, the user may select the default type of analysis as well as the desired outputs.