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    The purpose of AMECO software is to assess the life cycle of composite structures of buildings or bridges, evaluating the environmental footprint, in particular the associated energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

    It is based on the principles of Life Cycle Assessment, compliant with ISO 14040 & 44, and new EN 15804 with evaluation of impacts: Global Warming Potential (GWP), Primary Energy Consumption (PEC), Acidification & Eutrophication potential, Water consumption,...

    Ameco 3 is an extension of Ameco (version 2), which proposes to take into account the use phase of the building. It allows the estimation of energy needs for a variety of the building systems (heating, cooling…). Their calculation is based on several international norms such as ISO-13370, ISO-13789 and ISO-13790 as well as on European norm (EN 15316). The extension of the use phase is only available for buildings.

    Ameco 3 is available in 16 European languages.


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