12/07/2018 Steel Construction Day - Malmö Exhibition - October 25th 2018

We will be present at the Steel Construction Day in Malmö the October 25th 2018. A great opportunity to discuss about steel applications in high-rise buildings. We are looking forward to see ...  [more]

05/07/2018 ArcelorMittal launches Steligence®

a radical and disruptive construction industry concept [more]

06/12/2017 New Slim-Floor Beams brochure

Dear Customer, We are delighted to present you the Slim-Floor brochure. It features an innovative solution for floors, which combines prefabricated slabs with built-in steel beams. With ...  [more]

08/09/2017 high-rise buildings brochure

Dear Customer, We are delighted to present you the high-rise buildings brochure. It features suggestions and advices about the optimal use of hot-rolled shapes in tall buildings. We offer the ...  [more]

14/07/2017 Russian version of Steel Buildings in Europe

The "Architect's guide" and "Concept Design" chapters of the Multi-storey part from Steel Buildings in Europe documents are now available in Russian language.  access ...  [more]

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