Steelmaking in Luxembourg
A century of history and innovation
I am Steel
I am Steel; Steel Promotion movie
Beams Production and Application
This film presents the production of beams and sections from the electricity sector which uses 100% recyclable products, and shows us the different product applications and solutions such as Angelina Beams, ACP, Histar, IFB/SFB, ...
Steel in Life
This video presents the environmental, economic, safety and aesthetical advantages of steel and its use in different applications to perfectly meet the criteria of sustainable development, and the needs of users.
This film is a promotional video of 15 minutes explaining each step of the construction of the intensive steel building CRM4 in Liège, Belgium, in 2004. This video has been realised thanks the European Community financial support, for the project: "Steel in low-rise building, a symbiosis of cold formed sections and light rolled profiles" (Contract number 7215-PP070) in the scope of the "research Program of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel".