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Secure with steel network

Secure with Steel

The support of an international network of Structural Fire Safety Engineering (SFSE) experts

Our objective

Making a real step forward in building design through the development of Structural Fire Safety Engineering (SFSE), and getting this innovative and cost-effective safety design method to be fully integrated in the construction environment. 

Secure with Steel is dedicated to engineering offices who wish to develop in
structural fire design. The aim of this network, which was built up by ArcelorMittal, is to create a worldwide core of SFSE specialists and to support them in the development of their competencies through experience sharing, know-how transfer and trainings.
Secure with Steel offers engineering offices not only the support of an
international network of engineering offices (for experience sharing, case studies, etc.) but also the support of local SFSE specialists (technical centres, research centres and universities) and ArcelorMittal in terms of technical assistance and trainings.

Performance of the network

From a practical point of view, this network consists in:

  • An annual meeting, during which case studies based on real projects are presented by members. The projects are analyzed as a whole: legal procedures, fire scenarios, fire development and temperature field calculations, structural response, etc.
  • Training organized by ArcelorMittal: basics on fire safety, training on fire development calculation software (ex: SAFIR), training given by some expert members.
  • Information : twice a year ArcelorMittal informs the members about interesting news (results of European research RFCS, PhD theses, TC3 of CECM, new version or update of regulations, new version of Eurocodes, software updates, invitation to fire tests, steel website…) and also about the latest developments and best practices.

SECURE with Steel aims only at encouraging networking, information sharing and learning about SFSE. It is free and implies no exclusivity or obligation. ArcelorMittal cannot be held responsible for the calculations or projects realized by the members.

The performance of SECURE with Steel is described more in details in the Partnership Agreement and Charter.

For more information, contact us by mail, or by phone: (+352) 5313 3807.

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