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  • Technical advisory and Marketing disclaimer


All the advices, all the studies, all the plans and the calculations issued from ArcelorMittal Commercial Sections S.A. (or, depending on the case, from the company of the ArcelorMittal Group who is owner of these rights) were realized within the framework of preliminary works relative to the conception of steel constructions. They require in every case a control of their accuracy and their adequacy to the construction project by the user and/or the Design office for the implementation of the final design study. 

These advices, studies, plans and calculations were made on the basis of the data supplied by the Customer and/or the Design office without control of validity and relevance of these by ArcelorMittal Commercial Sections S.A.

As such advices, studies, plans and calculations do not commit our company and/or any other subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal group to the achievement of a result expected by the Customer and/or any third person. They cannot replace all the design notes and any other work which shall be done by an external engineering office chosen by the Customer. ArcelorMittal and/or any other subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal group cannot be held liable for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly sustained as a result of the use of the advices, the studies, the plans and calculations done by ArcelorMittal and\or by any other subsidiaries of the ArcelorMittal group, whatever the origin of the damage.


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