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  • Marsa viaduct

This complex road and bridge reconstruction project in the eastern part of the Polish capital was an important investment for the traffic optimisation as it is one of the busiest routes of Warsaw. Thanks to the use of HE 900 beams by ArcelorMittal in HISTAR® steel grade in the two viaducts, a significant reduction of material, weight, costs and time could be achieved.

Structural optimisation

In January 2011, ArcelorMittal contacted INTERCOR, which had won the tender to carry out the first phase of this project for Warsaw’s Board of Urban Road Investments (ZDIM), and proposed an alternative solution for the existing project, developed by the technical division of ArcelorMittal in Luxemburg. The scope of INTERCOR’s work covered the construction of two external viaducts (the entire structure consists of 4 viaducts – 2 smaller internal and 2 larger external).

The change to the project was to involve the use of HE 900 rolled sections of HISTAR®460 steel. The essence of the proposed change was a saving in the tonnage of the structure (a reduction from ~930 tonnes to ~750 tonnes), shortening of the realisation time, reduction in the maintenance costs of the bridge (~20% smaller painting surface) and costs of execution.

The construction work connected with implementing the first phase of the investment commenced in March 2011. The section of road being reconstructed and expanded is around 890 metres in length.


Easier access thanks to ArcelorMittal steel

After completion of the reconstruction of Marsa Street, motorists can make use of the two new (external) viaducts over the railway tracks, along with the cycle path and sound proofing screens. The first of the new viaducts was opened to traffic in January 2013, and the second in September of the same year. On the main section, the road has been widened to four lanes in each direction.