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High strength steel grades are the perfect solution for all the structural applications where a strong axial behaviour is required.

In combination with Super Jumbos hot rolled shapes, high strength steel leads to automatic cost and material saving compared to lower steel grades or to other materials for the following applications:

Gravity columns

Steel and composite columns with hot rolled profiles for higher resistance under axial compression, cruciform sections and tailor-made solutions.
As an example, HISTAR® 460 steel grade decreases the yield strength only up to 450 MPa after 100 mm of nominal thickness compared to the 320 MPa of a standard S355M. This brings an immediate 30% improvement in the axial stress resistance with related cost, weight savings and gain in net carpet area to sell or rent.

Please refer to chapter 3 of our high-rise buildings brochure for further information and examples.

We are able to prepare the splices in our mill and to deliver the material to the working site ready for the installation.

Long span trusses

For industrial buildings, stadiums and sport halls, airports, central stations and transfer beams in high-rise buildings. Trusses in high strength steel have been employed in several typologies of buildings for a economical and light design.

Trusses are composed by members working only in tension and compression and this makes high strength steel grades a perfect match to reduce the size and weight of the solution.

Find here the most recent example of a stadium with a transfer truss system in HISTAR 460: U.S. Bank Stadium

King Piles

King piles act as bearing piles in combined walls systems. Their main function is to resist vertical superimposed loads. As for gravity columns in axial compression, considerable weight savings are automatically ensured with HISTAR® and high strength steel grades.

Belt trusses and outriggers

Outriggers are rigid horizontal structures designed to improve building overturning stiffness and strength.

They connect the core to distant columns, creating a positive interaction between the tying systems. In addition, belt trusses can be utilised to distribute the axial forces in the exterior frames and to provide additional torsional resistance.

Outriggers in HISTAR® grades have been used in supertall buildings around the world such as the World Financial Center in Shanghai.

We produce and propose technical tailor-made solutions in S355, S460 and HISTAR® grades to achieve the most optimised and economical design for your project requirements.

Contact our Technical Advisory team to receive predesigns for your projects and information on construction details, value engineering, surface protection advisory, metallurgy, welding procedure and fire protection.

Our specialists are ready to support your initiatives all over the world.




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