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  • ArcelorMittal Olaberría

The production site of Olaberría consists of an electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace, a continuous caster and a section mill. It produces sections from 120 to 600 millimeters in width and 6.0 and 24.1 meters in length.

After being upgraded in 2009, in 2013, Olaberría has a capacity of 0.95 million tonnes of finished products.



  • electric arc furnace
  • ladle furnace
  • continuous caster
  • section mill


Finished products

  • Columns and Beams: IPE, IPN, HE, UB, UC, W, S
  • Bearing piles: HP, UBP, HP
  • Channels: UPE, UPN, PFC, MC



Contact Information

ArcelorMittal Gipuzkoa (Olaberría)
C/ Ibarra, 6; Bergara
20570 Guipuzcoa

Website ArcelorMittal Olaberría

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