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The production site of Hunedoara consists of one electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace, one continuous caster and a section rolling mill. 

  • Sections ranging from 100 to 270 mm width and 6 to 12 m length, regular and special sections for mining;
  • Round products ranging from 180 to 310 mm diameter. The final destination (continuous casted and rolled) of these products is seamless O&G tubes production.


  • electric arc furnace
  • ladle furnace
  • continuous caster
  • section rolling mill

Finished products

  • Columns and Beams: IPE, IPN, HE
  • Channels: UPE, UPN
  • Angles
  • Round bars: R


Contact Information

ArcelorMittal Hunedoara
DJ 687 Nr.4; cod331111 HD

Website ArcelorMittal Hunedoara

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