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ArcelorMittal ACB® beam: the solution for "Le Monde" newspaper headquarter

ArcelorMittal ACB® beam solutions proved to be the best answer to "Le Monde" newspaper brand new headquarters in Paris. Located just next to Austerlitz's railway station, this proeminent brand new building is allowing splitted teams to work together be in one place, located 67-69 Avenue Pierre-Mendès-France in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. 

ArcelorMittal Solutions Fire
Heavies High strengh
Beams     ACB®


ACB® Beams

This SMART solution, based on W610 profiles together with the secondary frame represents a tonnage of 1800t. To note that hot rolled sections in high strength steel grades are produced by few mills on the market and ArcelorMittal Differdange is the only one capable to offer Histar® grades.

This SMART solution, based on W610 profiles represents approximately 1,800 tonnes on this project.It optimises the weight while remaining very economical and allowing the passage of all MEP through circular openings of 450mm diameter regularly installed in these joists and simplifyingthe work of the synthesis cell. Hot-rolled sections in high strength steels are produced by a few factories on the market and ArcelorMittal Differdange is the only one capable of offering Histar® grades.

Beams with large web openings advantages

ACB® and Angelina® beams, with their circular and sinusoidal large web openings, elegantly combine function with flexibility. Alternatives to trusses and open-web joist systems, beams with large web openings are lightweight, long-spanning, structural elements that enable the design of vast column-free spaces. They can be used in composite or non-composite systems. 

Their large web openings permit installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) pipes and ducts within the depth of the beam, thereby allowing for compact ceiling systems and maximised floor-to-ceiling heights. In addition, the repetition of the perforations ensures that variations, during construction or throughout the life of the structure, in the layout of the MEP system can easily be accommodated. 

Architecturally striking, ACB® and Angelina® beams are every year seeing increased use in the built environment. Today, with improvements that have been implemented in design standards, analysis tools, and manufacturing, it is easier than ever to incorporate them into a framing system.

Number of Floors:
Gross floor area: 22 500m2
Building Function: Headquarters  
Structural material: steelwork
Structural Engineer: SNOHETTA
Office structure: KEPHREN INGENIERIE
General Contractor: EIFFAGE METAL
ArcelorMittal Steel: 2000 tonnes, of which 1300t of cellular beams 24x9-12,75 in S460 and S355