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This project spans 1.2km. It will connect to the Nouvelle Route du Littorale on one side, and on the other it will connect to the city center road network, on the Barachois side.

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Heavies High strengh
Beams      HE  


HE Beams

St-Denis's river three-span bridge is not less than 110m long, representing 1430 tonnes of HE beams. This new bridge allows:

  • to promote the entry and exit of Saint-Denis by public transport
  • improve the entrance to town for motorists coming from the West
  • to eventually be able to accommodate guided public transport
  • to create a scalable infrastructure capable of adapting to the New West Entrance (NEO) project which will continue on the Barachois

Added value: project optimisation

  • significant gain and reduction of the delivery and installation time due to size beams change
  • swift delivery to the site
  • transport of 99 bars of 37 m fully finished and painted C5MA
  • closure times for the road could be limited to only a few nights

Typology: Filler beam bridge
Completion: 2021
Owner: Reunion Region
Steel grade: S355M
Section size: HE 1000 x 393
Tonnage: 1430 tonnes
Length: 39,5 m