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We deliver construction solutions used in a wide range of applications: bridges, buildings, industrial and foundation infrastructures. Depending on your project, we may operate as a supplier to steel distributors, steel contractors and in some cases to general construction contractors. ArcelorMittal is present on the five continents and offers you extensive experience and flexibility.

Our facilities are conceived to offer complementary capabilities to yours. Our offer is linked to the products from our own plants in order to facilitate their use on the construction market. To be your partner of choice, we develop our finishing facilities in such a way to differentiate from the typical fabrication capabilities on the market. The service we offer in terms of technical advice, specialty products, tailor-made fabrication is the key to sustain long-term relationships with you.


  • Fabrication workshop 1, Niederkorn:
    dedicated to the finishing of bridges and special heavy structures;
    Internal surface: 4600 sqm; External surface: 7000 sqm

  • Fabrication workshop 2, Sanem
    dedicated to building applications and medium to heavy
    structures; Internal surface: 14000 sqm
    External surface: 5000 sqm

  • Surface treatment workshop, Differdange
    dedicated to painting of fabricated beams compliant
    with fabrication workshop capacity
    Internal surface: 24000 sqm

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Steligence® Fabrication Centre
Z.I. Gadderscheier
L-4984 Sanem
tel.: +352 5313 3057

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