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Steel Construction Day in Malmö, 25 October 2018

We will be present at the Steel Construction Day in Malmö the October 25th 2018. 

A great opportunity to discuss about steel applications in high-rise buildings. We are looking forward to see you there!

An introduction to HISTAR® steel and high-rise buildings applications will be presented, with a special focus on Sweden and Scandinavian market, together with an example of our expertise and products development in fire design. See summary below:

Steel reaches new heights

Architects, engineers and developers are moving into a new world full of super tall buildings and very slender ones with related new challenges and targets to be achieved.

ArcelorMittal is constantly developing innovative products and solutions designed to satisfy the needs of the construction market and do more than simply provide structural products.

The “in line” Quenching and Self-Tempering (QST) process at the ArcelorMittal heavy sections rolling mill of Differdange in Luxembourg is in industrial operation since more than 25 years. The possibility of combining high strength up to 460 MPa with outstanding welding properties and high ductility made sections and heavy ‘jumbos’ sections in QST steels (brand name HISTAR®) an immediate success.

With HISTAR®, ArcelorMittal satisfies the needs of the designers for light and economical structures which fulfill at the same time the criteria of safety and sustainability.

Many applications all-over the world such as members of long-span space frames, heavily loaded steel columns, composite columns of high-rise buildings have been successfully built these last two decades highlighting also the cost-effectiveness of our proposals.

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