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Stene Stål stocks XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel

Norwegian steel distributor Stene Stål Produkter AS aims to be the first European distributor to only stock open steel sections that have been made with low emissions. Open sections include large beams and piles, which are mainly used in construction, down to smaller products including rails, rods and bars.

Stene Stål’s extensive range will have a global warming potential (GWP) below 400kg CO2 a tonne, starting with IPE, HEA and HEB sections. Driven by their own strategy to provide a faster and more effective response to climate change, and motivated by growing political concerns in Norway, Stene Stål’s ambition is to convert their entire stock of sections within 2022, taking full advantage of ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® recycled and renewably produced beams from the company’s Luxemburgish mills in Belval and Differdange, that meet these stringent CO2 requirements.

“XCarb® recycled and renewably produced – and low emissions steel – is an excellent measure towards countering climate change, and one that is beneficial for ourselves, our customers, as well as the climate. We look forward to future cooperation!”

Tove Aspeng, Purchasing manager, Stene Stål

The low global warming potential of our steel benefits our customers

With GWP values of 333kg CO2 per tonne of steel products (cradle to gate or A1-A3), the XCarb® recycled and renewably produced sections clearly match the ambition of Stene Stål. This figure, achieved through our efforts to use up to 100% scrap and electricity from solar and wind power sources, is being passed on to our customer, giving them in turn a competitive advantage.

About Stene Stål Produkter AS


Stene Stål is predominantly dedicated to steel constructors, which is reflected in their wide product range and length assortment. They are certified in accordance to the EN 1090 norm that regulates the fabrication and assembly of steel structures for the construction market. In addition, they have facilities for automatic priming up to 23m lengths. Linked with XCarb™ values, they are now able to offer specific project EPDs including A4, for each beam delivered to site.

Want to know more about XCarb™?

The XCarb™ initiative, launched by ArcelorMittal in March 2021, brings together all of ArcelorMittal’s reduced-, low-, and zero-carbon products and steelmaking activities. 

To produce XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel, ArcelorMittal uses up to 100% scrap and renewable electricity coming from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. ArcelorMittal estimates that XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel has a carbon footprint as low as 0.3 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of steel product when the metallics are 100% scrap, which is certified by a published Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 

The ArcelorMittal’s XCarb™ initiatives also include XCarb® green steel certificates which are specifically designed for ArcelorMittal’s steel products made from iron ore in a blast furnace. They are based on real CO2 savings as well as wider initiatives which reduce ArcelorMittal’s carbon footprint. We can add up these important CO2 savings and then pass them onto our customers in the form of a certificate, which has been verified by an independent auditor. 

How could I find out more about XCarb®?

Click here for more information on the XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel and here for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products customers can contact their local support team for more information about XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel.

You can also click here for the full list of contacts.

Click here for more information on XCarb®